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March 24, 2012 / A

End 1.2

1.2 took a day longer than I expected. Again, this is a chapter I used to know — not as well, evidently, as I used to know 1.1. As before I can do a numeric lookup for any rule in the chapter, although it will take me considerably more time than for 1.1.

The rules in this chapter were complex, but the overall architecture of the chapter is rather vague. According to S. D. Joshi, this is the result of several interpolations: “Thus, out of a total of 73 rules, 39 only can, with some probability, be said to belong” to the core of the text (II, vi, emphasis mine). The details of his assertion are currently beyond me, but they are based in contradictions in the Ashtadhyayi’s system and predicated on the assumption that Panini himself would not have made such mistakes. Given the cleverness of the work overall, I’m inclined to agree.

Facts and tidbits

Number of rules

73, for a total of 148 so far.

Shortest rule

1.1.12 उश्च
(The benedictive suffix लिङ् and the aorist suffix सिच्, when they are आत्मनेपद and begin with a झल् consonant, are treated as being marked with क् when) after (a root that ends) in ऋ or ॠ

Longest rule

1.1.63 तिष्यपुनर्वसोर् नक्षत्रद्वन्द्वे बहुवचनस्य द्विवचनं नित्यम्
When तिष्य and पुनर्वसु are used together in a द्वन्द्व signifying stars, the plural endings are always replaced with the dual endings.

Five important rules

1.2.27 ऊकालोऽज्झ्रस्वदीर्घप्लुतः
ह्रस्व, दीर्घ, and प्लुत are the lengths of उ, ऊ, and ऊ३, respectively.
1.2.45 अर्थवदधातुरप्रत्ययः प्रातिपदिकम्
Meaningful terms that are neither roots nor suffixes are called प्रातिपदिक (stems).
1.2.53 तदशिष्यं संज्ञाप्रमाणत्वात्
1.2.54 योगप्रमाणे च तदभावे ऽदर्शनं स्यात्
1.2.56 प्रधानप्रत्ययार्थवचनमर्थस्यान्यप्रमाणत्वात्


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