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July 4, 2012 / A

End 3.2

Could it be? Am I finally at the end of this chapter? It’s not the number of rules that bothers me (188 in this chapter, 957 overall), nor the content (उपपद conditions for various affixes; verb endings in past and present senses); rather, it’s the sheer length of the rules in the chapter, especially since most of them are clumsy enumerations that lack the expressive grace of other parts of Panini’s system.

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Since the chapter is so (temporally) long, I skipped ahead a bit and started memorizing 3.3. In about an hour, I managed to remember the first 30 rules. These 30 are rarely longer than 5 or 6 syllables, a welcome change of pace. But I have a feeling that won’t last long.

Facts and tidbits

Number of rules

188, for a total of 957.

Shortest rule

3.2.110 लुङ्
The affix लुङ् is used in the sense of the past. (3.2.111 अनद्यतने लङ् implicitly limits लुङ् to the recent past; this is the prescribed meaning of the “aorist” in Sanskrit.)

Longest rule

3.2.142 संपृचानुरुधाङ्यमाङ्यसपरिसृसंसृजपरिदेविसंज्वरपरिक्षिपपरिरट-परिवदपरिदहपरिमुहदुषद्विषद्रुहदुहयुजाक्रीडविविचत्यजभजातिचरापचरामुषाभ्याहनश्च
After संपृच्, अनुरुध् आयम्, आयस्, परिसृ, संसृज्, परिदेव्, संज्वर्, परिक्षिप्, परिरट्, परिवद्, परिदह्, परिमुह्, दुष्, द्विष्, द्रुह्, दुह्, युज्, आक्रीड्, विविच्, त्यज्, रञ्ज्, भज्, अतिचर्, अपचर्, आमुष्, and अभ्याहन्, घिनुण् is used in the sense of one’s nature, obligation, or skill.

I suppose that since several of these roots are stated here with prefixes, it’s difficult to categorize them using the normal devices of the धातुपाठ. Still, it can be frustratingly slow to have to spend time memorizing rules like this.


As before, I’ve found it very useful to write out the first letter of each rule in a set of ten. By going over these sequences so often, I tend to remember how the rules are ordered.


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