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October 6, 2012 / A

Revisiting book 1

I’m working my way back through the rules I once knew well. Already it’s unsettling to observe how much of what I once knew has evaporated. I can rattle off certain rules in chunks, but it’s difficult to connect them. Sometimes I’m at a loss entirely.

More profound has been the loss of my semi-deep knowledge of the Ashtadhyayi as a system. Many of these rules mean nothing to me now. I’m curious to see whether I can recover that knowledge over time.

At the moment I’ve worked my way to the beginning of book 1.4, which describes the कारक system, among other things. 1.3 has been by far the hardest chapter so far. But even 1.1 was unnervingly foreign.


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  1. Acharya / Oct 7 2012 12:08 am

    Best of luck once again.

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