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November 4, 2012 / A

Start 3.3

On my last foray through the text I stopped about 80 rules into 3.3. And as I come to the beginning of this chapter once again, I can start to remember why I stopped. Simply, book 3 seems almost boundless in its homogeneity. First comes a suffix and its applications. Then comes another suffix and its applications. And so on until you’ve climbed the highest peak and come to the end.

Or so you’ve thought:

In the world of ultramarathons, the runners who do best are not necessarily the most physically gifted. Rather, they are the ones who can tune out distractions and avoid facing the enormity of the time and distance remaining. Having such a skill seems to come only under extraordinary circumstances. But perhaps I can learn to build the same thing for myself.

The posts from here onward will be shorn of the sleepy self-indulgence that has characterized the most recent bunch. At least 3.3 gives the hint of something more promising, with a catch-all rule by an exasperated grammarian:

3.3.1 उणादयो बहुलम्
The उणादि suffixes are added variously.

More to come soon.

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