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February 5, 2013 / A

Slow but steady progress

In the few months since my last post, I promptly forgot much of what I had learned and went through the now-familiar process of learning it all again. I have mentioned before that for me, the challenge in approaching a text like the Ashtadhyayi is in fighting off both the boredom that certain sections inspire and my own tendency to obsess with quantifiable progress.

I have about 50 rules left in 3.3, after which I will take on 3.4 and skip to 6.1. Books 4 and 5 of the text concern themselves with nominal suffixes, which while worthwhile are perhaps the most stultifying part of Sanskrit grammar (or so they seem to me right now). Moreover, I don’t think I have the intellectual vigor to continue to focus on the hundreds of suffixes in the grammar.

Book 6, together with book 7, finally elaborates on the grammatical engine that drives the whole Paninian system. More accurately, it dwells on some of the phonetic operations that turn equations like वच् + (लिट् → णल्) into actual words like उवाच.

But for now, there is still more to explore in book 3. More on that soon enough.


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