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February 22, 2013 / A

How to treat interpolated rules

In my previous post I mentioned that I was unsure of how to approach the interpolated rules in 6.1. There are three such rules:

6.1.100 नित्यम् आम्रेडिते डाचि
The last sound of an आम्रेडित (“replicated”) compound is always deleted when followed by the affix डाच्.
6.1.136 अडभ्यासव्यवाये’पि
Affix सुट् is inserted before क् when अभ्यास्य intervenes.
6.1.156 कारस्करो व्ऱ्क्षः
The word कारस्कर is derived by निपातन (as a ready-made word) when denoting a tree.

According to both Rama Nath Sharma and S. C. Vasu, these three rules are all वार्त्तिक additions. (And not all of them are good rules — 6.1.156 is a redundant rule that 6.1.157 accounts for already.) But whereas Vasu numbers these rules as if they’re part of the original chapter, Sharma does not.

I’ve decided to memorize these rules anyway. They’re short, so I don’t imagine the labor will take long. And moreover, I want to be consistent with how the text is usually presented. If this is how other editions of the text number the Ashtadhyayi (even as they know that some rules are interpolated), then I might as well do the same.


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