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April 12, 2013 / A

Start 6.4

Roughly, the remainder of the Ashtadhyayi can be split into two parts. And the first part starts with this simple rule:

6.4.1 अङ्गस्य
Of a stem, …

This rule extends through 6.4 to the very end of book 7. It provides the scope for a variety of transformations and augments on the basic stem of a Sanskrit word. For example, 6.4.71-72:

6.4.71 लुङ्लङॢङ्क्श्वडुदात्तः
अ is added before an अङ्ग ending in लुङ् (aorist), लङ् (imperfect), or ऌङ् (conditional).
6.4.72 आड् अजादीनाम्
आ is added for the same if the अङ्ग starts with a vowel. (This causes वृद्धि by 6.1.90).

These two rules define the अ augment that appears in front of many of the verbs in the past tense, and it correctly allows stems that start with vowels to strengthen beyond the medium गुण grade.

From here to the end of book 7, the Ashtadhyayi will be even more revelatory than it has been before. Having skimmed through parts of it and seen some of the modifications it accounts for, I’m eager to see what else it has it store.

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