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August 7, 2013 / A

Reviewing Book 1

In the course of my study over the past week or so it has become clear that I’ve lost a sense of the basic organization of the later chapters. Although I can readily recognize and recall certain segments given their initial rule, I have trouble giving the whole chapter at once. I think I need to do more work in integrating these segments into a single whole. Until I can be sure that what I know already is fairly solid, it seems foolish to study any new segments.

On that note I’ve started a systematic “review” of what I’ve studied so far. By “review” I mean that I recall all of the rules in a certain book (usually by uttering them aloud) then examine those points where my memory is the weakest. Since this is long and taxing, I’ve decided to do one book a day. And as the title might indicate, today was book 1.

1.1 (1:52)

An easy chapter, the one I’ve known for the longest and the one that defines most of the metarules of the grammar.

1.2 (2:17)

This chapter has 73 rules to the 75 in 1.1, but I had to pause when recalling the rules of एकश्रुति, as well as the rules relating to forming compounds with stars. Typically it’s the obscurer stuff that gets me.

1.3 (3:10)

At 93 rules this is the longest so far, but this still took me a while. I had trouble remembering the rules that come after स्था, as well as the last rule of ह्वे.

1.4 (5:35)

The longest by far, both by room and by time allotted. I was totally stuck on recalling 1.4.75 (अनत्याधान उरसिमनसी), but eventually it came to me. Here I’m grateful for having chosen to memorize these rules in blocks; I knew which rules came first and last, so I could tell clearly that one rule in this section had escaped me.

After a few minutes I retried this chapter and finished it in 2:01. Here I recited the words mentally, but not out loud — a mouth can only take so much abuse before it starts to tire out. Although this makes a direct comparison problematic, I’m glad that this is sufficiently faster than before.


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