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August 8, 2013 / A

Reviewing Book 2

Today I reviewed book 2. My goal was to make sure that I could recite a chapter continuously. These times can’t be directly compared to the ones from book 1, since I changed my recitation method from speaking out loud to speaking silently — I move the tongue and so on as they’re supposed to be, but I don’t make much sound. I’m still trying to determine which is most comfortable and most conducive to review.

2.1 (2:34)

Along with 2.2, this defines the rules of compound formation. I read over some of the rules in this chapter last night, so it didn’t take especially long.

2.2 (1:12)

A short and simple chapter, especially compared to the others below.

2.3 (3:20)

73 rules on the eight Sanskrit cases. I had to take 2.3.61-2.3.70 slowly to avoid skipping over a rule.

2.4 (4:11)

By far the longest. This chapter doesn’t have an especially strong thematic focus, which makes it harder to remember how the blocks are ordered. On a second run this took about 2 minutes.

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